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Loxx Coach

Who Are We

What It Is

We're here to help assist your Natural Hair Journey! Chat with Master Loctician Chasrah Barnes for personalized tips and advice on how to manage your newly formed locs. Ask questions and get reliable answers.

Who It's For

Curated just for you, this service caters to the DIY-naturlista who is looking to protect their loxx investment from the comfort of their home. Also great for traveling while loc'd, parents of loc'd children, and Sisterlock & Brotherlock clients who are on a budget.

The service works great for clients of new professionals (trainees, first-year locticians, etc.) that are looking for a second opinion.

How To Redeem

Get a FREE 15-minute consultation with the purchase of our LOXX It Up Duo - 8oz  LOXXSet & LOXXCleanse OR purchase your consultation a la carte using the form below! 

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