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ROXXLOXX™ is a trademarked technique featuring advanced methods to allow interlocked hair to stabilize in a shorter period of time (shorter than other known locking methods). This technique does not use either glue or sewing within the LOXX.

LOXX go through a stabilization period when interlocking is first formed. The client and consultant will need to take extra care during this time, therefore, regularly returning to their ROXXLOXX™ specialist and following instructions for Home Care is essential.

We are very excited to be bringing ROXXLOXX™ to YOU! Check out establishment information below and click the images to get started!


The ROXXLOXX™ Advisement

During this session, we will discuss your personal hair care history and lifestyle to determine if ROXXLOXX™ is right for you.


The Create/Foundation Session

The typical ROXXLOXX™ customer will leave this session with an average of 400 locks! We will provide you with a "LOXX Starter bag" for maintenace.



This visit should be scheduled 7-10 days after creation date. Your Specialist will monitor the integrity of your LOXX, demo how to cleanse, dry, and remove bands.



Your Specialist will monitor the integrity of your loxx, refresh them and give you an idea of how long the stabilizing process is likely to take. You can also begin discussing styling tips for the 'total look' that's right for you!

Click Here to get started with your ROXXLOXX™ Journey Now!

ROXXLOXX™ Foundation Package includes:

  • ***Base price for the ROXXLOXX™ package is $1200 for the first 4 inches of hair.

  • Length, density, head size, and the size of ROXXLOXX™ determine any additional costs. ($100 per inch after the first 4 inches of hair.)

  • Your $60 Consultation Fee will be applied to your $300.00 deposit (totaling $360), which is due at the time of booking.  ALL deposits are NON-refundable

  • At the time of the $300 deposit, all package appointments are booked and confirmed! (Scheduling notice 5 business days.)

  • Balance is due on the day of establishment.

  • Your first refresh must be scheduled and performed no later than 4 weeks after your establishment.

... and so much MORE! Visit HERE for complete details.

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