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As the Consultant’s Consultant it is our mission to elevate and empower professionals consultants and trainees using the Sisterlocks® Trademark in conjunction with our very own ROXXLOXX(TM), a micro locking system and technique. It is our goal to share our combined 35 years of experience to ensure a successful career with the Sisterlocks Brand. 

Our Styling and Color Class Curriculum can be applied to all hair styles and types, and are especially  designed with information in highly textured and locked hair. 

Our courses are offered year round based on popularity and level of demand. Join our list to be the first to know about upcoming classes and events!

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ROXXLOXX(TM) Systems Training

Learn how to create a small flexible LOXX that have unlimited styling options! This technique is where science and technique meet. ROXXLOXX(TM) are stable the day of creation. Virtually NO slipping.

  • A unique "stabilization" technique that speed the "settle in" process

  • A simplified grid that connects throughout the head

  • A technique that helps hair line  "stay in"

  • New locking patterns 

  • Products that allow technique and science to meet



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ROXXLOXX(TM) System Lock Enhancement | Repair Class

  • Managing client's expectations

  • Identifying a long lost grid

  • Repairing weak areas

  • Reattaching shedding locs

  • Creating custom pieces from your client's own hair 

  • Fees and time commitment

  • Click HERE for Dates & more Details!


Sisterlocks® Professional Styling Class 101

Look & Learn: 

  • Understanding and setting up your canvas.  Cut | Color | Conditioner/Treatments

  • Basic understanding of styling with – tools product

  • Styling locs & loose hair

  • Knowledge of what look for in quality products/tools and equipment

  • Understand how to get the best results using the products and tools 

Hands On:

  • All the above

  • Demo and practice of use of tools / i.e. rollers/loops/ braids/ curl irons

  • Added confidence that you understand by all three forms of learning. See, hear and do it!


The Business of Sisterlocks® 101

  • Learn how to grow and maintain profitable AND successful clientele

  • Maximize Your Sisterlocks® income using best beauty business practices

  • Transitioning to Success: Making Money as a FULL-TIME Consultant

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Sisterlocks® Advanced Refresher Class

  • Refresh your skills

  • Build your network

  • Improve your speed

  • Hone your client management skills and much, much more!

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Coaching & Consulting Mentorship

Establish a list of goals to achieve during mentorship. These include:

  • Managing new client consultations

  • Develop best practices for effective booking and scheduling

  • Using effective communication for easy fast consultations

  • Observe a workstation setup

  • Problem-solving with Sisterlocks® Home Office

  • Targetiing client issues directly

  • Sisterlocks Home office Certification Submission Feedback

  • Q&A for small business branding, marketing and promotion

  • 2 FREE Sisterlocks® Lifestyle Journals

  • 2-hour Re-Tightening workshop hands-on with client of your preference 30 minutes client Re-tightening and establishment prep review


Professional Hair Coloring Class for Natural and Highly Textured Hair

You Will Learn:

  • The Law of Color

  • The Color Wheel

  • Hair Meets: Law of Color & Color Wheel

  • Determining and getting the desired results

  • This is a hands-on class. Workbook and all tools provided.

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Marketing and Social Media Management 

Promoting your business online and via social media is a must have these days! How are you using it to promote and grow your business? Do you need help getting started or even maintaining your Social Media from day to day? Learn more!!


  • The Basics: Getting started on Facebook & Instagram

  • Beyond the Basics: LinkedIn & Pinterest

  • DIY Online Seminars/Workshops

  • Let us do it for you! Care-free Management Options from Purple Squirrel Marketing!

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