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Introducing the new LOXX starter KIT, specially designed for those embarking on their LOC journey or those with maturing LOCS. Let Personal Affects Loc Specialist coach and guide you through this exciting journey no matter your LOC type. The KIT includes a 20 oz LOXXSET™  for maintenance, along with 500 rubber bands and 4 clips safe for new LOCS. In addition, you'll receive a 30-minute virtual coaching session from a cosmetologist and LOC specialist, as well as text support for 6 months when you become a site member. Take the first step in caring for your LOCs with the LOXX starter KIT today!Let Personal Affects Loc Specialist Coach your LOC journey !  FOR ALL LOC TYPES 



  • (1) 16 oz LOXXSET™
  • (1) 4 oz LOXXSET™
  • 500 Rubber bands 
  • 4 CLIPS safe for new LOCS  
  • Consultation 
  • 30 minutes Virtual Coaching from a Cosmetologist & LOC Specialist
  • Text Support for 6 months (must be a site member via app chat)

new LOXX starter KIT for new and maturing LOCS

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