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Chasrah & Roxanne have over 35 years combined experience working with Sisterlocks, making them highly knowledgeable and skilled. They know how to select the proper locking techniques and home care products to ensure your locks look their best.
Chasrah is known for her "lightning fast" retightenings and Roxanne, for her skill in repair and reattachment of damaged locks. We love Sisterlocks and do not offer services for traditional locks, palm rolling, faux loxx or loxx extensions.

We are excited to announce our pre-selected Sisterlocks®️ establishment dates! Starting January 2022, all starting dates and times are pre-selected. This will make it safe and convenient for all current and future Personal Affects clients to reserve and book their dates. Our pre-selected dates each come with two booking options, 4 days or 2 days. If you have been thinking about starting Sisterlocks with Chasrah Barnes, please review and request the checklist below to get started! Click the image to register!











Download the WIX SPACES app from your local App Store to get started!

Click here for Frequently Asked Questions and Pricing and Package Info


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