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Client Classes

Have you ever considered all the benefits of knowing how to retighten your own Sisterlocks®? On the go? Going out? Rescheduled for a later date? Short on time? Would you like to save $$$ ? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you would benefit from the Official Sisterlocks® Retightening Class!


The retightening Class is intended to give clients the flexibility of maintaining their own hair between appointments, or when they cannot maintain regular appointments with their Consultant.


Learn how this process can be easy and beneficial! With the proper technique and education you could spend less time in the chair and save money! Your stylist will assure your grid and pattern is maintained. You do the easy work and your stylist will take care of the rest!


  • Sisterlocks® & Brotherlocks® Retightening Class                                                                      Class Schedule:

  • Two hours of hands on training                                                                                      Feb 23        July 12          

  • Includes two Official Sisterlocks® tools                                                                           April 26      August 30     

  • Registry with Sisterlocks® for tool replacement purposes                                                 May 31               

  • $300.00 (less than the cost of 4 retightening services)


STYLE ME UP Sisterlocks® Styling Class 101 : Basic Haircare & Styling

The Personal Affects Natural Hair Styling Class is designed to give any beginner the basics of styling and maintaining their natural hair. You will learn braiding and up-do techniques for every day and special occasions too!


  • You are ready to be more hands on and receive proper directions for healthy hair 

  • Want to maintain healthy hair at home with the right hair care products and styling tools (shampooing & maintenance)

  • Want to style your own up-do! A guide to step-by-step styling to make it fun and easy to style your own hair

  • Ideas for every length

  • Get professional looks at home

What to Bring: Styling products and tools will be provided, AND bring your own day to day products, tools and hair accessories as well. This way you can be familiar with working with what you already have as well and Chasrah can give you feedback on it also. Please shampoo your hair the day before class.

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