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Personal Affects Education is committed to guiding Natural Hair Journeys for clients and professionals alike. We offer Natural Hair Care classes to clients at home and to Natural Hair Professionals who desire to build their brand through detailed training and skill-building.

Whether your goal as a Natural Hair Professional is to improve home styling and hair care, become more skilled behind the chair, increase clientele, or be more professional and efficient, our classes will get you there!


We are pleased to introduce the NEW ROXXLOXX™ SYSTEMS TRAINING. It is a pleasure to now offer this collective of customized classes that provide innovative ideas, leaving you feeling motivated and ready to put your newly learned skills to use at home or in your own natural hair business!

Submit the form at the bottom of this page or fill out our HOST APPLICATION for more details and check out our calendar of events and classes!

More on ROXXLOXX™ Systems Training

Learn how to create small. flexible LOXX that have an unlimited amount of styling options!

This technique is ahead of the best! It is where science and practicality meet.


ROXXLOXX™️ are stable on the day of creation.


Virtually NO slipping!


This system is trademarked with its own unique technique. Not like others on the market. 

Check out the tour dates below! Feel free to sign up to host your own class or attend a class in a featured city.

No upcoming events at the moment

Business Enhancement



  • 101: Starting Up Your Business

  • Microlocs

  • Interlocking

  • Prosthetics & Reattachment

  • Professional Styling Class

  • Professional Hair Coloring

  • Cosmetology-inspired Training

  • Get Sisterlocks® Certified Coaching

  • Retightening Troubleshooting

  • Create Your Own! Education Program

  • Building a brand unique among the rest

  • Posting with a Purpose: Instagram & Facebook

  • Making your marketing plan

  • Beyond Hair—Incorporating Beauty & Personal care into your services

technical skill classes

marketing & branding


sisterlocks trainings


I've had the opportunity to experience Personal Affects consulting program over the past two years. Initially the owner reached out to me and offered solid advice on how to establish, grow and sustain my natural hair care business. Advice ranged from time management, scheduling, cost effective practices and networking for my area. I have seen significant growth in my business since utilizing some of these principles. Personal Affects consulting program is definitely worth your time!

Fleurette {Flo} Davis 

Loc Innovations LLC 
Columbia,SC 803-413-0037

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