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Social butterflies

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Influencers are OUT promoter is IN!

As you all know I have been trying to launch my client promotion program! Using the term "influencers". Something was just not working, something was not sitting right.

Then it hit me! I need promoters, not Influencers.

You can be a PROMOTER in many ways. Simply wear a T-shirt out and about. Share a QR code on your NEW phone case or keychain. Sharing links via text and email to your friends and family. Promoting on social media by Using pre-made comments on other people's posts or posting pictures with content created by US and all you have to do is post on your social media profiles.

The best thing is we teach you how to do everything.

Deborah C Carethers
Personal Affects inc
February 20, 2024 · changed the group description.

This group is for all my social butterflies! If you are on social media and want to earn discounts on products and services then you should be in this group. I'll be sharing content to use on your social media. If you have pictures that we can use on our pages they can be uploaded to the group also. We look forward to collaborating with all our social butterflies 🦋

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Hello social Butterflies! Our next event is scheduled for next week 💜

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This group is for all my social butterflies! If you are on s...


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