We’re in a pandemic, but you don’t have to panic

Personal Affects guest as you may know we have been shut down for the past seven weeks. This blog is to reach out to everyone to give our thoughts and hopefully give some comfort. As a community we are not in bad shape. It has always been Personal Affects practices to keep everyone on a 4-6 week retightening schedule. This tight schedule keeps the hair strong and healthy, and able to hold up against times like this. Some guest where due for service at the time of the shut down, these clients will be served first. Other guest had their last appointment six weeks ago, these client's will be served next. This way everyone will have waited the same amount of time. At this point I’m sure most of you feel like you have a small afro at the roots. Let’s be honest you probably do. Others May feel like Locs are hanging on by only a couple strands of hair. Roots may feel loose and or weak because of the extra growth. This a new feeling. Some have even lost a loc or two during this time. Messages of photos have been received along with the cries for help, it hurts, understandably. Please continue to care for your Locs as if they are delicate flowers, shampoo like your handwashing fine lingerie, handle Hair gently like holding a newborn baby.

We have years of experience retightening Sisterlocks®️. In that time we have had many different clients that experienced long times in between appointments for one reason or another. We have taken these opportunities to put into practice what we learned on how to manage more than normal new growth. Personal Affects has had countless successful results in excessive new growth recovery.

What to do if you have lost a loc(s)? You may ask?!

  1. Grieve the loc(s) of hair. It is a loss and deserves a moment of silence, a shed tear, and even a picture.

  2. Thank the loc for its beauty and time on your head

  3. Try to figure out the region it came out from (front, back, left, or right side) if not it’s ok. Most of the time the location it came from will be able to be seen during the next retightening service.

  4. Place the loc(s) of hair in a plastic bag

  5. Put the plastic bag in your wallet or handbag that you will be carrying to your appointment. Another good place is in your glove box in your car. This guarantees the loc of hair comes with you to your appointment.

  6. Present the bag of hair to your consultant upon arrival and provide any information that you may or may not have.

  7. Leave the rest up to us !! We have been mastering our technique of reattachment of Locs back onto the new growth hair for more than 13 years. Hair can be regrown, Sisterlocks can be reattached, reattached Locs will re-lock back on to new growth. Its Original beauty will be restored. Most importantly we take care of your health and safety during this time because that is priceless. Although we still have more time to wait in front of us, we have made it this far and that deserves recognition. GREAT JOB! Were working on returning to each other not just for the next appointment we want to be here for you for all future appointments!

We’re sharing some photos of Personal Affects Full head of Loc Reattachments. These pictures are two years old. All her Locs have relocked back on to her hair. She is able to shampoo and style as if she never lost them. We hope this gives comfort and reassurance that we will recover your hair, things will be ok

Were in this together 💜

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