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New Service Policies for Personal Affects Guest


1. Guest must wash hands or use hand sanitizer upon arrival.

2. All services must start a with shampoo service by Personal Affects

3. Guests and professionals will wear masks or face protection for the entire service time. Mask are required for services. Mask can be ordered at starting 5.1.20

4. Large handbags, extra personal items should be left in the vehicle. Small personal items such as books, magazines or tablets and small handbags are welcomed.

5. Windows will be open for airflow, Please dress for the weather.

Please read #6 carefully

6. We are kindly asking guests NOT to arrive after being in public spaces. Avoid wearing clothing that has been exposed to public spaces to your appointment. Avoid coming to be served after being in grocery stores, gyms, malls, etc Coming directly from home is strongly requested If you are working OUTside the home. Please schedule at a time at is BEFORE work or on a day OFF from work. We thank you in advance for adjusting to the new policy. All efforts have been put into place to protect one another.

As we learn more about how to keep each other healthy and safe while being in each other company, policies will be changed and updated. If you have any suggestions to add the policy please message us. Continue to look for contact calls as we begin the rebooking process. Please keep in mind that health has affected some of our clientele as early as mid-February. We'll be working with the clients in order of the original scheduling, cancellations and addressing any special needs of each individual. All appointments will have additional 1-2 hours of service time with hopes of one appointment completions. Multiple appointment will be scheduled if necessary for completion. We’re trying our best to live up to our name Personal Affects we look forward to seeing smiling faces on everyone soon. Thank you in advance.

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Deborah C Carethers
Deborah C Carethers
Apr 30, 2020

From you and all personal affects clients, I greatly appreciate you keeping us updated on all changes and new products orders. I love everyone and PLEASE BE SAFE AND CAREFUL., as we ease back into our community. ❤🦋🦋❤🥰

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