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Caterpillars Waitlist

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Greetings Columbus Caterpillars

Thank you for joining the Personal Affects New Clients Group Waitlist this list is for ones who are interested in Personal Affects Services in Columbus, Ohio

This group was created after we were no longer excepting new clients because of COVID-19 and long waiting times for our current Columbus Butterflies

Caterpillas : New Guest waitlist 🐛

Butterflies: are current clients. 🦋

GET IT ? caterpillars are waiting to be butterflies

It’s a theme 🐛🦋



ConsultationS will be booked the last week of October

Consultations will be booked during November-December

services will begin:

January 2021

🦋 Note: if you are a current Columbus butterfly waiting for an appointment and/or would like to request dates please message us directly on the Wix app🦋

Thank you for your patience we look forward to seeing everyone soon


Welcome to Columbus Caterpillars is for new guest interested...


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